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“Marathon Musician”     ⁃    AZ Musician | 15+ years     ⁃    UltraMarathon Runner     ⁃    NonProfit Owner Lee has run over 1000 miles and raised over $100,000.00 for Charity since 2019. Helping several different foundations along his way, in 2022 supporting veterans clearly became his mission. Raised by a single alcoholic Mom in Long Beach, California, he was born into drugs and alcoholism. His younger brother, and only brother, wasn’t lucky enough to escape addiction and passed away at the young age of 26 back in 2013. Losing his only brother to drugs was an indescribable pain that shattered his heart and left a void in his life that can never be fully filled. At that same time, he got THREE DUI’s in 6 months from September of 2013 to February of 2014 which resulted in Lee becoming a convicted felon and having to serve time in prison. It was in prison he started to find himself. Reading, writing, and running was what got him through that time. Lee actually ran his 1st marathon of his life IN PRISON! He ran 102 laps around “The Yard” during the hot summer month of June, totaling over 26 miles! Little did he know that just over 18 months later he would embark on a journey that not only changed his life, but so many others. In 2019 Lee ran 16 marathons in 16 consecutive days going from South Phoenix, AZ to Burbank, CA to raise awareness and donations for foundations close to his heart. It was then that his nonprofit,16x16, was born. (In honor of his 16 consecutive marathons in a row.)    As Lee rises, he strives to lift as many people as possible. He’s determined to continue to change his life & help others. Humbly, through his non profit, music, and other business ventures, nothing can stop him. Forward is the only direction he seeks and we are all in this together.    Having a rough childhood with his dad leaving at a very early age, and both parents addicted to drugs and alcohol, meant enduring numerous difficulties and obstacles that significantly shaped Lee’s emotional struggles throughout his life. Lee finds immense fulfillment and purpose in dedicating his time and resources to giving back to the community and supporting charities that align with causes close to his heart.   Through the transformative experience of going to prison, he has emerged as a stronger, more self-aware individual, committed to making positive changes in his life, and contributing to society. Lee strives to constantly better himself, embracing a mindset of continuous self-growth, as he believes that personal development is key to unlocking his full potential and living a fulfilling life. In addition, inspiring others to do the same. Along Lee’s journey, he has come to make many new brothers and sisters in his life. He continues to search for like minded communities to join this journey of giving back and lifting one another up.    The last two years Lee has chosen to give back to Veterans through his nonprofit and he’s never been more convicted about who he was put on this earth to help and support. His heart is clear on this purpose, and it is to help veterans. No one in this world sacrifices more. No families sacrifice more. Lee’s Father was in the Air Force, Lee’s Fathers Father was in the Army, & Lee’s Mothers Father was a Marine. It brings him and his whole family such pride to align with and give back to Veterans.    The best is yet to come and Lee feels he has only just begun!!

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